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Hey Doctors, use a scarf or a bandanna a last resort! - says the C.D.C.

Why are we short of masks now? Hoarding.... by everyone, every country, every state, every city, every hospital.... to prepare for their outbreak.

Solution? Vamp up manufacturing? It has increased. Ever since China's outbreak, the manufacturing of masks increased by 12 fold. Yet, they continue to hoard even though the rest of the world think China has finally lowered their infection curve. Many experts predicted that Covid-19 will find it's way back into the country once all quarantines are lifted. At that point, the entire world will witness and outbreak and all countries will be vying for those masks.

Many current doctors in Asia are predicting the second wave of Covid-19 to hit from travelers from the West.

Even with all of the volunteering private manufacturers in the US making masks, it will only meet less than 10% of the current demand of hospitals.

Every regular citizen under quarantine should wear any mask, even a bandana if they do not have a mask when going out and around people for necessities such as pharmacy visits and grocery pu

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