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Double layered, water repellant and breathable cloth masks.  Made with a nose wire to create a tight fit around to the face and nose, closing any holes around the face.  

Stylish Country style in denim color (not denim) with a very comfortable all cotton soft pink flower ribbing for nose.  Unlike denim, this is a very, then cool and light weight material that is very breatheable.  

Made for child sizes ranging from age 3-9.  

Hand made and fully home-sewn by individuals at home during Covid-19 quarantine.  

A machine washable and reusable alternative to disposable daily masks for every day non-medical use.  

Use of reusable masks in the community instead of disposable masks can also minimize the environmental waste and impact of this pandemic.  

These are all made under extremely difficult time constraints and resources obtained through limited means during this quarantine.  The goals is to create a mask within a short-time to meet the immediate needs.  Each mask are hand-made and hand-sewn with non-commercial single-needle sewing machines at home.  Sewing lines will not be perfect.  

Kid - Country Style, Midnight/Denim Blue

$22.00 Regular Price
$6.75Sale Price
  • These cloth/fabric face masks must be washed immediately after a maximum of 6 hours of continuous use to avoid bacterial build up.  We recommend placing one thin layer of tissue as an additional moisture absorber

    if you intend to use the mask for longer than 2 hours continuously.

    Machine washable, low tumble dry

    Ribbing - 100% Cotton

    80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

    Elastic contains rubber wrapped in nylon

    The nose and face fitting is made of a steel and plastic

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