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The purchase of Made at Home masks supports home sewers and their families survive the economic and social devastation of the pandemic.  

Company founded by a new mom (attorney and pharmacy owner) for the purpose of helping the community survive the pandemic with several goals: 

- To encourage the public to stop using medical grade masks by using cloth masks  

- Raise awareness of Universal Masking 

- Minimize environment impact of disposable masks

Our home-made masks are reusable and washable, and always made with a nose fitting wire and at least two layers of comfortable and breathable everyday fabrics designed to allow you to breathe while minimizing the transfer of bacteria and viruses that are 0.02 microns.  Even though viruses or 0.02 microns, they always travel on large droplets of water vapor exhaled from our mouth and nose that are easily filtered or blocked by fabric.  

Smart Filters did a test on house hold fabrics find that a single layer of cotton blend material used for a T-shirts was able to filter 70% of particles at 0.02 microns compared to the surgical masks at at 89%.  Doubling to two dish towel layers can increase that filtration to 97%.  However, the breathability would be difficult.;

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